Community Crowdfunding

Funderful helps make your community fall in love with your cause, reaching and involving more donors

Tailored for your causes and institution

A tailored giving experience for your annual fund, scholarships or auditorium renovations that’s based on human insights about the community

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Make it yours.

It's not just about making fundraising platforms that look like your institution. We focus on understanding what makes your community tick to derive the best interactive approaches to engage them. The secret to truly inviting campaigns is human insight that you gain by involving community members themselves into developing it.

Designed to reach more

Don’t miss out on the digital generation by relying only on telethons, make campaigns for 100% of the community.

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We start where the analog approaches have killed progress.

Seldom do fundraisers look forward to running another telethon. It's the same for your alumni: the younger they are, the more unnatural they find being approached in that way. As a recent study finds, 47% of people find it annoying being asked to donate via phone. Fundraising does not have to be this way. What we have seen over and over again - just let your alumni have fun and their passion to donate will be contagious.

Channels we use:

  • Emails - Create unique invitations to drive visitors to your new fundraising platform
  • Social media - Designed posts to create engagement where every one will see them
  • Sponsored posts - Reach potential donors you do not have contacts of via promoted posts
  • Peer-to-peer - Unlike telethons, mail and generic fundraising sites, the Funderful approach works on spreading your message organically between alumni

See how this approach helped SSE Riga increase alumni participation by 300%

Made to engage better

Giving online that does not feel like filling in a tax return. We turn it into a social game, full of friendly competition and interactive experiences.

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We know the traditional approaches. We have tried most of them when building a culture of giving as volunteers at our Alma Mater. They do work. But they all require asking for a gift. Which is why telethons, direct mail and standard online fundraising approaches are underperforming when it comes to creating an experience people enjoy. There is so much potential to unleash when we stop asking for gifts, and start recognising the human being in our prospects - giving an experience designed to show instant impact and gratification, recognise publicly, and allow experiencing a sense of belongingness.

DARO teams internationally have been deprived of innovative tools to fundraise, which might explain why alumni giving participation rate has been steadily decreasing for a decade. As the Funderful approach is about providing an experience for alumni, the result is not just more funds raised, but, more importantly, substantially increased community participation.

Tell us how it could help your cause

How we work

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Get insights

We have a workshop with you to figure out all that is special about your community and involve the alumni themselves.

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We get our creative brains together to craft the platform and campaign ideas that will drive participation. We suggest to involve a focus group of alumni for creative input and feedback.

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Once you and your alumni are happy with the result, your cause is given a digital life. We then support you with the campaign strategy, timeline and materials to achieve your goals.


Flexible pricing to best fit your budget. We cost less than your last telethon and deliver more.

What you get

Manage offline donations

Add, manage and delete offline donations through your Funderful Dashboard.

Payment integration

We integrate payments with Braintree, PayPal and other major providers.

Safe & Secure

We maintain tight security with full PCI compliance and SSL protection.

Customize receipts

Customise the thank-you email that your donors will automatically after donating.

Recurring donations

Add a recurring donations option to the donation form.

CRM integration

Donations collected through Funderful can sync to databases like SalesForce or BlackBaud.


What resources will you require from me?

We have a hands on approach. Funderful's got you covered for each stage of the campaign -- from planning the content strategy to running the campaign, to measuring and analysis of the results. This is a lot to pull off. Which is why our approach is well suited for small shops or DARO teams that cannot afford to dedicated full time effort to run the campaign. What we do require is someone from your team who has the possibility to react fast when campaign decisions need to be made.

How will you process donations and make sure you are PCI compliant?

We easily integrate with any secure and trusted PCI compliant payment-processing system of your choice. PayPal,, WePay, WorldPay, Stripe, Braintree. Do you have another? No problem. We believe you should have full control over the flow of funds. The donation form seemlessly integrates in the website and is designed to be simple and mobile optimized. Only the minimum required information is asked to allow visitors to donate fast.

How will Funderful integrate with my database system?

You can currently transfer all data without a hassle into your current systems at any point in time. And we are going further than that. We believe that your fundraising tools should speak to each other to save your team valuable time by keeping your data up to date. We are working on integrating with and Blackbaud's Raiser's Edge, allowing for real-time data sync between your community constituency database and the Funderful platform.

Are donations tax deductable?

Yes. If your organization already is able to provide tax-deductible donations, we will make sure the payment form and automated receipts are in the form that allows your donors to receive a tax refund.

Can I manually manage donations?

Yes, you will recieve access to your organization's Funderful Dashboard, where you can add, manage and delete offline donations.

What will be my return on investment (ROI)?

We offer flexible pricing to best fit your budget - at the cost of putting your department through a telethon or less. And you will see a higher return on investment, because digital does not face the limits of telethons and direct mail. Besides using the available digital channels you will also significantly benefit from the peer-to-peer effect of alumni spreading your message organically among themselves.

Who will own the data?

Your donor data is valuable. With Funderful the donor database is entirely under your control at all times. You own the data. To be clear, there is even no need to import any of your constituent data into the Funderful platform to be able to have a successful campaign.

Can this work for our Giving Day event?

Yes. A 24 hour Giving Day fundraising event has all the ingredients to be a great fit for the Funderful approach - the urgency, the challenges, the competition. You will be provided with a reliable platform, which gives you full oversight and control. Your fundraisers will be equipped with their unique fundraising page that immediately shows the progress and impact of their efforts. Please contact us for more information.

About Funderful

Funderful is about using the power of peer-driven community fundraising to help fund great causes. With Funderful, universities, colleges and schools can create online fundraising platforms. The uniqueness of the approach comes from creating a digital experience for alumni that is based on human needs such as recognition, competition, and being social. It’s built to raise the standards of existing online fundraising and attracts new donors, boosts alumni participation and helps build the culture of giving amongst the younger alumni.

This quick 3 minute video explains how Funderful started with the effort at SSE Riga to raise their alumni participation rate by 300% to 35%. As a result, they beat Stanford University:

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