We help universities get alumni to give back

Funderful online fundraising campaigns are designed for best donor conversion, peer to peer interaction, and creating a lasting culture of giving at any college or university.

Alumni fundraising campaigns

Increasing participation rate from 12% to 28% in three months


How we get alumni to give?

Our platform is designed for an amazing donor experience. Here are some elements that ensure success for online alumni fundraising campaigns:

Creative Theme

An online fundraising campaign is a story, and the community is its hero. Your campaign website will capture your unique campaign theme to fit the character of your community.

Interactive Website

Every element is designed and hand picked to get your donors excited and feel special. In addition, our mobile-friendly donor experience is designed to be as easy as using Uber or Airbnb.

Spark Friendly Rivalry

Real time infographics will drive donors to cheer proudly for their group’s position in the online campaign. Team progress is rewarded, reported on and used as a source for further friendly rivalry.

Instant recognition

Everyone wants to be recognized for their good deeds. That is why donors are instantly recognized on the platform, making them feel appreciated and want to share the campaign with their friends

Milestone challenges

Incentive pool prizes, donor match challenges, donation milestones are all powerful incentives for reaching your campaign goal. But to achieve success, progress must be visualized in real time.

Social media challenges

Don’t have a strong social media presence? No problem. Our fun challenges have proved to make campaigns go viral, while generating new donations by themselves, meaning less work for you.

Let the numbers speak for themselves

Average change in number of donors
Additionally raised per campaign
“Funderful has taken giving to a whole new level. Their ability to cooperatively generate fun and creative ideas that foster community, combined with their innovative platform and technical support is a winning combination.”
Karen Van Schouwen, Director of Annual GivingDordt College, a liberal arts college in Iowa
“Our giving day with Funderful was a great success. We surpassed our goal, and more importantly our community was excited about giving. Funderful is a great partner, not just in providing the progressive technology behind the platform, but they worked in tandem with us to develop a communications calendar and content library.”
Casey Jacobs, Director of DevelopmentAmerican University, Washington D.C.
“A creative and powerful tool to tap into the deep psychological needs of alumni – it will attract scores more schools to Funderful”
Dave Celone, Former Director of DevelopmentTuck School of Business at Dartmouth College

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