Chatbots for athletics fundraising and fan engagement

Connect with your fans right in their favorite app
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80% of adults and 91% of teens

use messaging apps every day 1

It is getting increasingly difficult to engage fans with email, direct mail, even social media.

Funderful’s chatbots are ideal for athletics departments and booster clubs. Our mobile-first messaging solution makes it easy to engage fans on the app they use most – Facebook Messenger.

Reach fans who don’t open your emails using targeted ads

Pre-built conversations let your fans find their own path to support

Provide other options to support besides monetary donations

Send game updates with 80% open rates – 3X better than emails

Offer merchandise for purchase through Facebook Messenger

Making donating easy through Messenger will boost results

Recruit fan volunteers through Facebook Messenger

Make your athletics event registration easy using chatbots

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Hyper-targeted social media ads, leading to a customized chatbot experience on Facebook Messenger, are a highly cost-effective way to create awareness about your upcoming game and alumni athletics weekend, and, most importantly, drive attendance.

Provide all information in one place through your chatbot through Facebook Messenger, and let your subscribers choose their preferred ticket options.


Simplify giving to the athletics fund

Each of your fans has a slightly different path to giving back. Some need a quick and easy way to donate, while others may need more information before giving.

With Funderful, you can create pre-built conversations that allow your fans to find their own path to giving back, by revealing only the information that they are interested in, such as:

  • Making the donation
  • Exploring other ways to support
  • Selecting the team to support
  • Learning where the money goes
  • Watching a video message from a student-athlete or the coach


Send messages based on users’ affinities, location, and other preferences expressed.

With Funderful, you can let your fans segment themselves by choosing their preferences in a conversation format through Facebook Messenger.

Your subscribers’ self-identified responses in the conversation are saved in the Funderful system for you to segment your audience for future messages that you send them.


Provide timely game updates

Keep your fans engaged by giving them real-time game updates, scores and highlights. You can send them immediate game updates at an average 80% open rate, or let your fans check in when convenient for them to learn about the upcoming games within your chatbot experience.

Gather immediate event feedback

You can ask for real-time feedback from your game attendees by simply sending a question right in Messenger and letting the recipients click the button of their choice, instead of asking them to fill out repetitive information in a web form.

With Funderful’s strategic messaging software, you can garner 80% open rates and 5-10x better click through rates than with emails, which means you will get much better data and actionable feedback about your events.


Enrich your database with insights revealed in Messenger interactions

Every response reveals something new about your constituents. You can use the data to segment your subscribers based on their past responses and shared preferences, from interest in local alumni events to giving participation.

You can use the same data collected to improve the effectiveness of your next telethon campaign, direct mail campaign and emails – just export the data collected any time to upload to your CRM system and enrich your database.

What are chatbots?

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1 – “Messages That Matter” by Greenberg, Inc. (Messenger-commissioned study of people who use one or several messaging applications monthly or more frequently in AU, BR, CA, DE, FR, KR, UK and US) Nov 2017. Data is on average across the 8 markets.