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Boost event awareness & attendance by integrating chatbots into your outreach strategy
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Funderful’s software lets you build customized chatbots to reach your community, or even a specific reunion class, on the channel they use daily: Facebook Messenger. In addition to increasing your team’s workday efficiency with event planning and outreach, chatbots increase alumni response rates, resulting in more RSVP’s and donations. Funderful also offers a wide-range of best practice templates designed and proven to increase your alumni engagement.

Boost reunion, homecoming, and special alumni event attendance

Boost reunion, homecoming, and special alumni event attendance

Pre-built conversational flows let alumni find their own path to giving back

Pre-built conversational flows let alumni find their own path to giving back

Improve overall satisfaction by providing a better event experience

Gather immediate feedback from event attendees

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Boost reunion, homecoming, and special event attendance

When so much effort goes into event planning, it’s important that your alumni learn about it and actually register to attend. Hyper-targeted social media ads, leading to a customized chatbot experience on Facebook Messenger, is a highly cost effective way to create awareness about your upcoming events, and, most importantly, drive attendance.

With Funderful’s social messaging solution, you can create your own custom chatbot conversations designed just for your reunions & homecoming, or use our tried-and-true templates.


Make giving easy

Let your alumni find their own path to giving back by providing information they are interested in. You can drive them to the campaign website or giving form of your choice, right in Messenger.

Use Messenger instead of printing event collateral

Forget about distributing printed brochures they are likely to lose or throw away quickly. You can easily provide all the information that they need digitally, right in the app that they already use daily. You can:

  • Share event information, schedule
  • Share Google Maps location to the event venue
  • Invite to a raffle
  • Share your special Spotify playlist
  • Ask to donate or support otherwise
  • Send pre-scheduled reminders

Start a real-time conversation with your event attendees

You can start a live conversation in the Funderful platform with any of your subscribers. You can begin by making sure are enjoying the event or if they need any customer service assistance.

Gather immediate feedback

You can ask for real-time feedback by simply sending a question right in Messenger and letting the recipients click the button of their choice, instead of asking them to fill out repetitive information in a web form.

With Funderful’s strategic messaging software, you can garner 80% open rates and 5-10x better click through rates than with emails, which means you will get much better data and actionable feedback about your events.


Enrich your database with insights revealed in Messenger interactions

Every response reveals something new about your constituents. You can use the data to segment your subscribers based on their past responses and shared preferences, from interest in local alumni events to giving participation.

You can use the same data collected to improve the effectiveness of your next telethon campaign, direct mail campaign and emails – just export the data collected any time to upload to your CRM system and enrich your database.

What are chatbots?

“It’s such a useful tool for engaging alumni and successfully sharing information to target affinities, like reunion classes and recent graduates. Funderful harnesses new technology on a platform for communication that is widely used in many of our constituents’ everyday lives. ”

Sydney A. Bertram at Pomona College

Assistant Director of Community Development and Annual Giving

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