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Use chatbots to create a buzz and attract more donors during your Giving Day
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You may have a beautiful campaign website but how do you get your alumni community there?

It is increasingly difficult to get your email recipients to react in any way to your communications. Sending them more frequent reminders, however, will not solve this issue. In fact, the increased frequency will most likely result in unsubscribes. Similarly, calling your alumni or sending them direct mail are not sufficient tactics for generating substantial results for your fundraising blitz.

With high precision social media advertising strategies, you can target only your lapsed donors or never givers, benefit from an 80% open rate and 5-10X better response rate than emails, and boost your one-day giving campaign results.

Reach alumni who don’t open your emails using targeted ads

Pre-built conversations let alumni find their own path to support

Recruit social ambassadors through Facebook Messenger

Create a buzz through peer to peer sharing in Messenger

Send Giving Day updates with 80% open rates

Making donating easy through Messenger and boost results

Ask and get immediate Giving Day feedback from your supporters

Provide other options to support besides giving back

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TARGETED ADS to attract new donors

Time is of the essence during your one-day fundraising event – Avoid relying on chance by running hyper-targeted social media ads and leading your community to a chatbot on Facebook Messenger. By displaying your ads to only your alumni, or even specific non-donors, you ensure that the paid social campaign is a highly cost-effective way to create awareness about your upcoming giving day and grow your fundraising blitz audience prior to the big day. Read here about Paid Social >

With Funderful’s social messaging solution, you can create your own custom chatbot conversations or use our best Giving Day and Giving Tuesday templates.



Every constituent has a slightly different path to giving back. Some might be more inclined to give, others might have reservations, yet others don’t have the means but want to give time. 

With Funderful, you can create pre-built conversations that allow your alumni to find their own path to giving back, revealing only the information that they are interested in, such as:

  • Making the donation
  • Exploring other ways to support
  • Learning where the money goes
  • Seeing the video message from a student

Recruit more social ambassadors

Personal conversations work best to recruit volunteers. But how do you find time to have hundreds of conversations with all of your potential recruits? With chatbots, you don’t have to.

Here’s how it works:

  • Run hyper-targeted Paid Social ads
  • Engage your audience in pre-built conversations in Facebook Messenger
  • Let each user find their own way through the conversation
  • Sign them up as a volunteer or provide more info before deciding

Once they have decided to volunteer, you can ask them to provide all the necessary details right in Messenger instead of sending them to a registration form.


Peer-to-peer sharing in Messenger

Your social ambassadors need to have an easy way to spread the word about your one-day blitz campaign. With Funderful, you can:

  • Pre-schedule shareable messages to be delivered to volunteers at the right time
  • Have your volunteers share the Giving Day chatbot with friends through Messenger
  • Share regular progress updates with your volunteers
  • Track which volunteers are opening and responding to your messages
  • Segment messages to volunteers based on their activity and performance

Share giving day donor challenges

Milestone challenges, incentive pool prizes, and donor match challenges are all powerful incentives for reaching your campaign goal. With Funderful, you can:

  • Spread awareness about your donor challenges through Messenger
  • Send progress updates about your milestone challenges
  • Use Funderful’s dynamic segmenting to send targeted Giving Day messages based on their location, affinity, or engagement

Get immediate giving day feedback

Most alumni avoid filling out feedback surveys if they think it will require too much of their time and effort. On Facebook Messenger, all they have to do is click one button to respond. No wonder universities are seeing 5-10X better response rates within Messenger than any other traditional channel.

As a result, you collect much better data and actionable feedback about the Giving Day.

Enrich your database with insights revealed in Messenger interactions

Every response reveals something new about your constituents. You can use the data to segment your subscribers based on their past responses and shared preferences, from interest in local alumni events to giving participation.

You can use the same data collected to improve the effectiveness of your next telethon campaign, direct mail campaign and emails – just export the data collected any time to upload to your CRM system and enrich your database.

What are chatbots?

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