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Trusted by universities around the globe

“Funderful harnesses new technology on a platform for communication that is widely used in many of our constituents’ everyday lives. It’s such a useful tool for engaging alumni and successfully sharing information to target affinities, like reunion classes and recent graduates.”
Sydney A. Bertram at Pomona CollegeAssistant Director of Community Development and Annual Giving
“Our giving day with Funderful was a great success. We surpassed our goal. Funderful is a great partner, and not just in providing the progressive technology behind the platform.”
Casey Jacobs at American University, Washington D.C.Director of Development

Funderful is great for:

Increasing reunion and homecoming attendance •
Recruiting and managing volunteers • Boosting giving day results • Attracting young alumni donors • Promoting Senior Class Giving

Messaging is the new email

Unprecedented engagement rates by Funderful are possible because messaging
through Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp is the natural habitat for Gen X and Gen Y


Open rate

Funderful delivers an 80% open rate through messaging. This means you can be 3x more effective at fundraising, boosting event attendance and volunteer recruitment, when compared to using email.


Better click-through

Young alumni prefer the short messaging format over lengthy ‘one size fits all’ email. They are 5-10x more likely to respond in Facebook Messenger than in email.


Active presence on FB

Whether your goal is to reach young alumni, major gift donors, parents or even current staff, Funderful is able to match on average 84% of your community on Facebook.

Save time by letting alumni
shape the conversation

Similarly to how Mail Merge customizes email blasts towards a target audience, Funderful’s Messenger experience customizes the way users participate in conversations.

You no longer need to segment how you communicate with alumni – they choose their own path in each conversation based on personal interests.

Build a conversation in minutes with customized templates

You don’t need to be an expert in design. Instead, you will have access to our ever-growing library of tested conversation templates.

The templates’ uses vary from boosting senior class giving & giving day results, engaging your young alumni, increasing alumni weekend attendance, and scaling volunteer programs.

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We help you grow your Facebook Messenger audience

Our social media advertising and communications experts with experience in advancement will help you apply winning strategies to grow your alumni audience & engagement, such as running captivating content across Snapchat, Instagaram, and Facebook, using specially crafted messages, and motivating alumni for peer-to-peer invitations.

Simple and powerful
reporting & analytics

Our easy-to-use and innovative tools help you manage your campaigns, analyze key performance metrics, and measure overall success.

Priced to scale

Start reaching young alumni where they are with a record breaking 80% open rate with a package that fits your budget.
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