Chatbots for Engaging Young Alumni

Engage your recent graduates on the messaging app they use daily
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Funderful’s software lets you build customized chatbots to reach your young alumni on the channel they use daily: Facebook Messenger. Funderful also offers a wide-range of best practice program templates designed to increase your young alumni engagement.

Offer support relocating to a new city

Make career services easily accessible

Increase senior class giving

Boost recent grad reunion attendance

Connect with regional alumni chapters

Suggest crowdfunding projects based on interests

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Connect with young alumni where they already are

Hyper-targeted social media ads, leading to a customized chatbot experience on Facebook Messenger, are a highly cost effective way to engage young alumni, and to start building a relationship.

With Funderful’s social messaging solution, you can create your own custom chatbot conversations designed just for your young alumni programs, or use our tried-and-true templates.


Identify & record the preferences of recent graduates

Don’t just assume what recent graduates want and need. Ask them directly. Because a chatbot is a pre-built conversation, young alumni are able to find their own path in the conversation by revealing their individual preferences along the way. The responses are saved and later used to segment your young alumni, targeting them with value-adding content and services that are relevant to them.

Ease the student-to-alumni transition

The most stressful part of transitioning from a student to a graduate is often leaving the comfort of campus and relocating to a new city. You can provide your support digitally by:

  • Connecting with your alumni board leaders, reunion leaders and chapter leaders in the cities where they plan to land after graduation
  • Let them feel you care by inviting them to the welcome party in the respective city
  • Share a link to the moving checklist you have prepared for young graduates
  • And so much more, right at their fingertips

Provide a menu of alumni services

Your recent graduates might not be aware of all the support you offer. Email servers often push newsletter type messaging into a separate mailbox, and your alumni might not have the knowledge or bandwidth to scour resources on your website.

By sharing a menu of alumni offerings right in a Facebook Messenger chatbot, your young alumni can better take advantage of their alma mater’s services.

Chatbots are an easy way for graduates to stay engaged with the school and get value from the relationship, which will make them much more willing to donate when they hear from the fundraising team.

Here are a few examples of what you could offer in a chatbot:

  • Offer mentorship – You have thousands of existing alumni willing to help your young graduates. All you need to do is make the introduction. Chatbots make mentor matchmaking so much easier for everyone involved.
  • Alumni career services – Making your recent grads aware of the offered career assistance will improve their opinion of your institution.
  • Recruit volunteers – 86% of young alumni want to volunteer for their alma mater. Use chatbots to recruit and manage various kinds of volunteers, from mentors to social media ambassadors. 2
  • Facilitate AMA (Ask Me Anything) chats with alums Your alumni may no longer live locally, or near a large-scale alum chapter. With chatbots, you can organize group chat sessions or even webinars online.

When you ask for gifts, consider affinity fundraising

If your young alumni feel they have received support from their alma mater since graduation, they will be more open to donating.Two factors matter a lot in their decision-making process:

  • Ease of giving – Millennials and X-Gen alumni make decisions more impulsively than others so the donating process should be as easy as possible
  • Assigning control – If they can choose where the money goes to support, such as their Greek organization, athletic team, specific department/major or another affinity group, they feel more in control of their gift

You can address both of the above by integrating chatbots into your outreach strategy.


Enrich your database with insights revealed in Messenger interactions

Every response reveals something new about your constituents. You can use the data to segment your subscribers based on their past responses and shared preferences, from interest in local alumni events to giving participation.

You can use the same data collected to improve the effectiveness of your next telethon campaign, direct mail campaign and emails – just export the data collected any time to upload to your CRM system and enrich your database.

What are chatbots?

“It’s such a useful tool for engaging alumni and successfully sharing information to target affinities, like reunion classes and recent graduates. Funderful harnesses new technology on a platform for communication that is widely used in many of our constituents’ everyday lives. ”

Sydney A. Bertram at Pomona College

Assistant Director of Community Development and Annual Giving

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1 – “Messages That Matter” by Greenberg, Inc. (Messenger-commissioned study of people who use one or several messaging applications monthly or more frequently in AU, BR, CA, DE, FR, KR, UK and US) Nov 2017. Data is on average across the 8 markets.
2 – “Millennial Alumni Report” by Achieve (it is the fifth and most recent study on the changing relationship between millennials and their Alma Mater) 2015.