Funderful addresses the root cause of low participation rates,
bringing alumni donation campaigns into the digital and social era.

Giving Day

A successful Giving Day needs a powerful campaign creative theme based on insights about the community. We took Clawed, AU’s mascot and designed him in a way exciting for a Giving Day Campaign. The theme of the 36-hour giving day became “Get Clawed to the Ball” 2016.

What made the Giving Day a huge success was our Facebook Challenge. For every share a donor got on Facebook, they would donate a specific amount to the school. From AU’s first Giving Day ever in 2015 to the following year, there was a 74% increase in amount raised from year 1 and a 28% y-o-y increase in participation.

Memory Campaign

Memory Campaigns are used as a way to ask alumni for a memory instead of money. However, done properly, this can bring in a lot of money as it happened at Wolfson College in Oxford. Wolfson asked alumni to send a memory in the form of a picture that would be posted in the new library. Once alums were on the website they could see that they could leave more than a memory, they could leave a mark. Despite the fact that giving back was not the priority, Wolfson College raised over $740,000 with the help of Funderful’s digital memory campaign. Before using Funderful, the max amount of money Wolfson had raised through a digital campaign was about $72,000.

Fiscal year-end drive

Before Funderful, the maximum participation in annual giving Rhodes had ever seen was 17%. When the Rhodes Annual Giving Campaign began on Funderful’s platform it was at 12%, in 3 months it was at an all time high of 28%. What made the campaign successful was that every class got their own individual page personalized with their class picture. Many donors even reached out requesting a copy of the photo on their class page.

Take a Seat Campaign

This campaign makes sponsoring a chair at a school auditorium made as transparent as buying a movie ticket. Nyenrode University in the Netherlands was reconstructing one of the auditoriums and allowed alumni to sponsor a seat for about $500 each. The campaign is ongoing and they have already raised over $55,000. The chairs can be physically engraved with the alumni’s name or done virtually and repeated every year.

Here is one way how we bring your alumni to the campaign website