Social Media Advertising,
hyper-targeted to reach your alumni

We strategically implement social advertising campaigns to reach, engage and convert your alumni on priority social media platforms
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Advancement teams face digital age challenges

Alumni are not responding to institution’s outreach efforts
Social media strategy is not being implemented to its full potential
Low engagement and fewer gifts

Where are your alumni?

As of 2017, internet users worldwide spend an average of 135 minutes a day on social media and messaging apps. That’s a 50% increase from just five years ago. You need to implement outreach tactics right where your audience is already spending their time if you want your institution’s messages to be seen.
$10M+ experience in paid social

Funderful’s Paid Social team has expertise in managing effective advertising across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Snapchat that stems from having run paid social campaigns in excess of $10M.

Funderful’s approach to Paid Social

Our team can manage all aspects of your Paid Social campaign from strategic planning to campaign optimization and performance reporting.

Strategic Planning

Development of strategic plans and investment allocations based on your institution’s priorities.


Target audience production based on real-life alumni data or even users’ relevant interests and known affinities, allows for hyper-targeted impressions.


Crafted recommendations on impactful advertising copy, as well as conversational Messenger dialogues.

Media Buying

360-degree campaign management by a team with robust experience in multi-channel social media advertising.

Performance Optimization

In-flight campaign optimization maximizes performance of your ads as well as ensures highest budget efficiency.


Data measurement and insight development allows you to understand your campaign’s performance beyond the numbers.

5¢ to raise $1

Paid Social can help your institution convert your targeted audience into real-life donations.

Our combination of high precision targeting, strategically-crafted content, and skilled execution resulted in one advertising dollar generating $21.50 in new donations during the Giving Day.

Sample use cases

Targeted social media campaigns can feature a wide range of your priorities, from alumni events to fundraising goals.

News & Events

Incentivized Gifts

Impact stories

Fundraising guides

Maximize your investment

Make your annual budget work harder by strategically combining Paid Social Advertising and Facebook Messenger Chatbots. Turn your alumni into reachable subscribers by running social ads, driving directly to pre-built Facebook Messenger conversations. Once your alumni subscribe to your Messenger experience, you are able to send high-scaled messages with an 80% open rate, without needing additional advertising budget.

Paid Social Advertising

Serve your institution’s content to targeted, relevant users natively on their  social media channels.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Distribute customized yet automated messages to your community, directly from your Facebook Page.

What does “paid social” mean?

Paid Social is the official term for social media marketing supported by media dollars.

Paid Social differs from Organic Social, which is the typical “un-boosted” style of posting for users and brands.

Paid Social is a means of displaying your institution’s content to targeted, relevant users natively on their social media channels.

Are you using social media to its full potential?

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