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Funderful’s social messaging solution lets you build guided conversations with an 80% open rate
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Trusted by universities around the globe since 2012

“Funderful harnesses new technology on a platform for communication that is widely used in many of our constituents’ everyday lives. It’s such a useful tool for engaging alumni and successfully sharing information to target affinities, like reunion classes and recent graduates.”
Sydney A. Bertram at Pomona CollegeAssistant Director of Community Development and Annual Giving
The team at UTSA loves to be innovative. I had never experienced a university reaching out to me on Messenger, so I knew Funderful had a cutting-edge idea,” said Heather. “Working with Funderful was easy and they really made our Taylor vs. Taylor quiz come to life.  Seeing the results, we are very excited to continue using this new Messenger strategy for other alumni and donor engagement opportunities.
Heather Locke Green at University of Texas at San AntonioDirector of Annual Giving and Development Communications

Challenges of the digital age

Alumni are not responding to traditional outreach efforts (direct mail, phone, email)
Social media strategy is not being implemented to its full potential
Low engagement and fewer gifts

What is Funderful’s solution?

Funderful’s strategy features a combination of Facebook Messenger Chatbots and Paid Social advertising to get your alumni to see your messages, become engaged and reply in an innovative way, and then ultimately donate to your institution.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Distribute customized yet automated messages to your community, directly from your Facebook Page.

Paid Social Advertising

Serve your institution’s content to targeted, relevant users natively on their  social media channels.

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How does Funderful work?

Step 1: We find 84% of your alumni community on Facebook

From young alumni to leadership and major gifts, we’ve been able to find on average 84% of alumni on Facebook. Learn about Paid Social here >

Step 2: We run targeted Paid Social ads

Our social media team manages:

  • Campaign placement & optimization
  • Efficient media budgeting
  • Performance measurement
  • Impact reporting

Learn about Paid Social here >

Step 3: We build your Facebook Messenger subscriber list

Through cross-channel integrated implementation of social advertising, digital traffic, and physical scan codes, we help build your Facebook Messenger subscriber list.

Step 4: Engage your alumni year round at 80% open rates

Using our cutting-edge platform and resource library of templates, you will be able to easily build bot conversations to engage your community year-round.

What are chatbots?

Derived from the term “chat robot”, “chatbots” allow for highly engaging, conversational experiences that can be customized and used on popular platforms such as Facebook Messenger. Pre-built conversational flows allow you to simultaneously communicate with your alumni in a “one on one” manner, while expanding your team’s bandwidth to focus on other tasks.

Increase donations & engagement

Each constituent’s path to giving back is different, which is why experiencing pre-built conversational flows allows your alumni to reveal only the information they are interested in.

Get an instant response

Unlike direct mail, email or social media, Messenger is all about real-time two way conversations, so you will always be able to sense the sentiment in your community and adapt quickly as needed.

Identify leadership donors

By asking the right questions and taking the advantage of 10X better engagement rates than email, you are able to quickly identify new high potential leadership donor prospects.

Develop and strengthen relationships

You can switch from automated chatbots to live messaging conversation at any time, allowing you to start nurturing relationships with your high priority constituents.

Drive to your website

Whether your campaign features a giving day website or a reunion registration page, you are able to drive your Messenger subscribers to priority websites of your choosing.

Enrich your database

Once your audience starts responding to the chatbot and revealing their current preferences, you will have access to an ever-growing amount of information that you can use to enrich your existing database.



Engage your fans and increase athletics fundraising with chatbots for booster clubs and athletics departments.



Boost event awareness & attendance by integrating chatbots into your communications outreach strategy.



Create a buzz and attract more donors during your Giving Day through the implementation of chatbots.



Reach your young alumni where they already spend their time. 91% of them already use Messenger daily.


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