Volunteer Management Software

Orchestra helps fundraising volunteers and campaign managers save hundreds of hours.
Never update an excel sheet again!

Beautiful Dashboard Analytics

Volunteers see live stats about their performance with a clear roadmap and timeline highlighting their tasks, with an integrated email delivery system – email templates and dynamic recipient lists.

Community-Driven Learning

Detailed leaderboard sparking friendly competition and connecting volunteers to share best practices.

Efficient for Campaign Managers

Managers oversee process with instant dashboard analytics, a volunteer performance heat-map, and individual performance metrics. Manager can easily see who they need to help.

“Orchestra is a fantastic tool that empowers our volunteers and allows us to provide efficient and strategic campaign support.”
Jennifer Graham, Volunteer ManagerLondon Business School



Our mobile responsive platform displays beautifully across all volunteer devices.

Data Export

Export all data in a friendly format that is compatible with your database.

Trusted Security

Secure data storage on PCI DSS Level 1 compliant Microsoft servers. SSL/TLS secure tunnel for data exchange.


Your volunteers don’t need another password to remember. Our Facebook login allows seamless and secure access.

Plug & Play

Our innovative integration requires no involvement from your IT department, moreover, you can keep your existing online donation form.


Your volunteers will receive instant updates on class donations and performance, with automated notifications nudging leaders to send welcome messages to new volunteers.

Scale your fundraising volunteer program